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Who We Are

About MediaArts Institute of Alabama

The MediaArts Institute of Alabama (M.A.I.A.) is a 501 (3) (c) non profit youth development organization located in Huntsville Alabama. MAIA designs and manages project based media-art educational curriculums and programs that help underserved urban youth become active authors and creators of digital media content. Our programs and activities are designed to help local youth explore careers in a variety of media art, music and entertainment based on science, technology, engineering and math fields (STEM).

Our Mission

The mission of MediaArts Institute of Alabama (MAIA) is to create innovative personal and career development programs that educate and encourage youth to overcome personal barriers and become positive contributors to their families and communities.

Youth are able to develop skills in areas of media-art which include: Art & Design, Music Production, Photography, Video Production, and Writing.

Youth are required to participate in the following workshops: team building, job training, life-skills, college and career exploration, service learning, self-esteem, job search, positive communication with their parents, attainment strategies and time/stress management skills. 

Youth that participate in our proare provided tutoring, content experts, and are allowed access to the video and recording studios Monday through Fridays








The MediaArts Institute of Alabama and the S.T.A.R.S. (Striving To Achieve Real Success) Worldwide Record Label has set an August 28, 2012 date for the release of The Obama Remix Project, a five (5) song international music collaboration of World, Funk, Jazz Hip Hop and African rhythms that pays a musical tribute to the presidency and legacy of the 44th President of the United States, (POTUS) Barack Hussein Obama

The Obama Remix Project will be the first time teenage producers, musicians, singers, and rappers from around the world have come together to collaborate and share their love, respect and admiration for the first African American POTUS.
This powerful and well-produced project was written and performed by teenage members of the S.T.A.R.S. (Striving To Achieve Real Success) program living in the United States and Africa.
This musical collaboration has served as a tool to build and strengthen mutual respect, teamwork and friendship between talented young producers, musicians, rappers and singers on these two continents. 
The raw intensity, sincerity and infectious rhythms of the songs performed on this EP (Extended Play) focus on personal freedom, progress, respect, friendship and the service learning ideals of President Barack Obama.
The first single
“MOVING FORWARD” is set to hit the airways in early September to coincide with the opening of the Democratic National Convention on September 3, 2012. FORWARD pairs South Africa's Danielle Silito’s soulful delivery with the urgent infectious rhythms and rap by over a dozen S.T.A.R. students living, learning and recording in Cincinnati & Columbus Ohio, Huntsville, Alabama, Ghana and Heidudial, Bloemfontein in South Africa.



Our Departments



“Our purpose is to sharpen and mold the talent of young aspiring artists, maintain a safe environment and introduce them to mentors that will help support them on their musical journey.”



“Our purpose is to encourage youth to share their perspectives and experiences by capturing footage with a camera in their hands and to fulfill their dreams.”

“Our purpose is to capture an image behind the lens of a camera and to make people realize how beautiful Mother Nature and people can be.”

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